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Meet the Quirky Duo Behind GeoCam Photography: Capturing Weddings Scotland-wide!

GeoCam self portrait

Welcome to GeoCam Photography, we love that you found us and can't wait to have a chat!


So who are we, well we're wedding photographers where every shot tells a story, and every grin is a masterpiece! 📸✨ Photographing weddings across Scotland's central belt, from the scenic South Ayrshire to the historic St Andrews, and everywhere in between, we're your go-to dynamic duo for wedding photography that's as unique as your love story.

We're the slightly bonkers brains behind the lens – a husband and wife team with a passion for freezing moments in time with a sprinkle of laughter. Oh, and did we mention we're also proud parents to an adorable Cavapoo (actually a complete pain in the d**k) and a cheeky one-year-old? Our little furball and mini-human keep us on our toes, but hey, they're our adorable muses!

When it comes to making magic happen, we believe in more than just clicking buttons – we're all about creating an experience that's as enjoyable as the final photos. We'll have you laughing, joking, and maybe even busting a few moves, all to ensure those smiles are as genuine as they come.

Now, let's talk about our refined tastes – one of us swears by the crisp refreshment of Peroni, while the other savours the velvety goodness of a fine Barolo, (guess who). We might have different preferences when it comes to beverages, but when it comes to weddings, we're perfectly in sync.

Sure, we dream of swapping our cameras for super yachts in Monaco, but until that elusive lottery win comes along, you can count on us to be there for you, capturing your special day with all the enthusiasm of someone who just won the jackpot (almost).

So, whether you're planning a wedding in the heart of Scotland or envisioning a destination celebration halfway across the globe, we're up for the adventure!


Let's chat, let's laugh, and most importantly, let's create some unforgettable memories together.

Ready to make some magic happen? Get in touch with GeoCam Photography today – because life's too short for boring photos! 🎉

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